Education & Employment

  • Education

PhD (2001) from the Department of History, University of Reading, UK; supervisors Professors Malcolm Barber and Anne Curry, external examiner Prof. Miri Rubin. MA (1994) from the Graduate Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Reading. BA (1991) in Classical & Medieval Studies, University of Reading

  •  Languages

Bilingual English and German, with a working knowledge of French, passive understanding of Italian, Spanish and Dutch, also classical and medieval Latin, and a smattering of ancient Greek from my undergraduate Classics course.

  • Academic posts

Wellcome Trust University Award Fellow (2014-19) in the Department of History and Classics, Swansea University. Wellcome Trust Research Fellow in Medical History and Humanities (2012-14) attached to the Department of History & Classics, University of Swansea. Affiliated member of Homo-debilis project, funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) at university of Bremen (2010-12). Honorary Research Associate in the Department of History & MEMO research cluster, School of Humanities, University of Swansea (2009-12). Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Theology & Religious Studies, University of Bristol (2004-7). Honorary Research Associate in the Department of Historical Studies, University of Bristol (2002-3).

  •  Non-academic work

Nine years of database management and systems analysis for a large public-sector organisation in the UK, and the usual array of student jobs, such as translation English/German, bookseller, market researcher and lighting director for live performances … this is just a selection.